COLVENUSA makes a strong showing at the 2024 TMC Annual Meeting

COLVENUSA makes a strong showing at the 2024 TMC Annual Meeting

COLVENUSA actively participated in the 2024 TMC Annual Meeting, held in New Orleans, USA, from March 4th to 7th. This event is considered the most important of the year for professionals in fleet technology and management.

The TMC Annual Meeting functions as a one-stop shop for education in the transportation sector. Unlike other events, TMC not only offers conferences and round tables, but also allows participants to learn about best practices driven by the industry's own users. This meeting brought together more than 5,100 leaders in commercial vehicle transportation, including presidents, CEOs, maintenance managers, and other key decision-makers.

COLVENUSA at the Forefront

COLVENUSA had the opportunity to present its latest technological solutions for transportation, including:

  • VIGIA: An automatic tire inflation system. This advanced technology and safety system allows for real-time tire pressure monitoring, improving transportation efficiency by automatically adjusting tire pressure to optimal levels.
  • VIESA: A high-efficiency air conditioning system that reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • COBLOW: A standalone heater that provides a comfortable environment in the driver's cabin, even under extreme weather conditions.

These technological solutions were received with great interest by the participants, especially the VIGIA. They highlighted its innovation, efficiency, and ability to improve the profitability of transportation.


Networking and Strategic Alliances

The 2024 TMC Annual Meeting was also a conducive space for COLVENUSA to strengthen relationships with clients, suppliers, and other relevant actors in the transport industry. In this way, the company was able to strengthen its network of contacts and explore new business opportunities.

COLVENUSA's participation in the TMC Annual Meeting reaffirms its commitment to innovation, efficiency, and safety in transportation. The company will continue to work towards developing solutions that optimize its customer’s operations and contribute to a more sustainable future for the industry.

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